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I LOVE THE LORD, HE HEARD MY CRY AND PITIED EVERY GROAN! My mission is to share what God gives me with others so together we can help each other through this journey called life. Psalms 23 tells us that as we rest beside the still waters, our souls will be refreshed.  My prayer is that something shared here will help you find a sense of peace and purpose.

Loving the Lord Jesus with all my heart, I am committed to being an active agent in telling the world how He saved me, changed me, and is constantly showing me how much He loves me.

Let’s be real – we have to admit that on this journey some days are better than others. But as we let God lead us and bind together in love, we can and will make it through!

Please let me know if anything said here has helped you. And remember to help lift someone else up as you climb! 


Victoria knows firsthand what juggling truly means. She is married to her love, Gregory, and together they share six special humans they are extremely proud of, as well as four grandchildren. Along with family responsibilities, Victoria serves as a Budget Analyst at Durham Public Schools. She earned her BA in Psychology from North Carolina Central University in December of 2012.

Victoria is a member of The River Church in Durham, NC where indeed “hope flows” and is experiencing life changing moments in each worship service. She enjoys serving in  Healing Waters, which is a ministry dedicated to bringing awareness of cultural diversity in the church and community. She knows that “with men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible”. Mark 10:27 

Victoria’s first book, When I Need a Word, God Speaks!, was released on July 31, 2019. You can get a copy anywhere books are sold.1562109753744_Promotional4

Victoria is also a co-host on the internet radio show, Authors Up, with co-hosts Andrea L. Hines and Ruth Griffin who are also authors!  Authors Up is a forum for authors by authors that offers inspiration, writing tips and tools, interviews with authors or those who want to be along with candid conversations!! Join us live at 7:00 pm each Sunday evening on the ALH Broadcasting network which can be found on Facebook at the following link!  Join us!!!   ALH Broadcasting

Authors Up (1)

Victoria is also a co-host on an live internet radio show with author friends, Andrea L. Hines, and Ruth E. Griffin, called Authors Up, which showcases other authors’ work during interviews. The show encourages everyone in their writing with tips, timely information, and inspiration for the journey. In keeping with her encouraging spirit, Victoria posts weekly videos on Facebook and Instagram under the name “Living Life Victoriously”. There, she shares testimonies and songs that echoes her motto – “If I can help somebody, then my living shall not be in vain”.

© 2011-2021 Victoria E. Henderson Poole

15 thoughts on “About Me!”

  1. This is my sister, friend, counselor and sounding board. I love you so much, we have been down some rocky roads but we’re still standing. Let the world see what my girl has for them in your hands. Take off the blinder and open your eyes, here is my girl V.P.


  2. Victoria,

    This is awesome. I really hope that you will write your book. As you know with Jesus, you can do any and all things. I am here if you need support. I can definitely share my experience with writing my book and working with a publishing company. Good luck!


  3. So happy and proud of you….getting out of your comfort zone and exercising you gifts to bless others. You are such a great writer! Write the book. You are moving further and forward! Thank you for sharing your blog.


  4. Wow! Victoria follow your dreams as God leads you. There are so many hurting souls out there. Your testimonies will help millions of real people who
    need direction. I just met a gentleman who lost his wife . This man is a man of God however ,he has has lost his zeal for the lord. This mans wife was a pastor of a church and she was very active and on fire for the lord. The lost has left him empty. I will recommend the book you mentioned. I will also print out your testimony and give it to him. God always has a ram in the bush.. I know that it will bring some peace to his life.. Blessings Peaches


    1. I pray this man of God will find the peace only He can bring. It is a hurt that he may not even be able to describe to anyone but God! I am praying for you too as you minister to him, may God minister to you in whatever ways you need Him!


  5. Hi Victoria – A dear friend share your article with me and I had to respond. One of the conversations I have had with God lately has to do with his children not sharing their spiritual experiences. Growing up many people did not share their testimonies for one reason or another, but mainly out of the fear of being real or truthful. In fact, many of us were taught not to share things about ourselves that would give others to much insight into who we were behind the mask. I personally believe if people truly knew heaven and hell existed perhaps they would take greater strides at living righteous lives and honoring God’s greatest commandments. (1) Love your neighbors as you love yourself and (2) Love God with all your soul, heart and mind. Just simply sharing testimonies and not being afraid of the truth could set a lot of captives free. So thank you for loving God so much that you would be willing to share how deep that love goes by reaching out to others.


    1. Hi Ann. Tears are running down as I reply to you because I was second guessing myself a bit as to why I was compelled to share like this. But you have confirmed for me what I already knew! As much as it is for others, it is for me. By sharing, I hope to help someone who needs to know they are not alone on this journey. I thank you for taking the time to read what God has done for me! Please share with anyone who needs encouragement. Our circumstances may be different but the feelings are the same! I love Him because He first loved me! God Bless You!


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