I Love The Lord (for Whitney and for me!)

John 21:17 – King James Version
He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

As I continue to reflect on the life and death of a singer I loved so very much, I know I am not alone in my sadness at the thought of that special voice silenced way too soon for us all. I felt like Whitney Houston was my long lost sister who sang exactly what I would have sung if I had the gift she was blessed with. I can hear any one of her songs and know where I was, who I was dating, who I was in love with, and who broke my heart. The history of my life all rolled up in that voice I will never get tired of hearing.

The world watched as her life was celebrated in a homegoing service fit for the diva she was. More importantly, it was fit for the child of God she was. Yes, she was His child, just as much as you and I are. I choose not to condemn her for the mistakes she may have made that were so publicly displayed across the tabloids. For surely, “we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. I am not excusing her either. When we abuse our bodies with things not meant to go into the temple, we run the risk of losing our health and ultimately, our very lives.

In fact, this all scares me! I may not drink or pop pills, but I do not eat all the right things at the right times and need to lose a few pounds for real. What am I doing to my temple that keeps me not feeling my best?

I didn’t get a chance to watch the entire service, but I did get to see and hear what Tyler Perry said about Whitney. How it was grace that kept her from childhood to adulthood, and from his conversations with her, he knew she loved the Lord. When he sat down, I clapped and cheered along with the crowd and had a YES moment in my house, all by myself! Yes, that’s it! YES, YES!!!

You see, when my eyes close for the last time on this earth, when I have spoken my last words, when I have sung my last song, and cried my last tear, I want someone at my service to simply say, “Victoria truly loved the Lord. Yes, she sure did! She loved Him with her whole heart and wanted to meet Him when He came back for His people.”

To say “I love the Lord” means so much. Those words mean that I accept Him into my heart, and do my best each day to live my life doing what He wanted me to do on this earth. That I am striving to do His will and fulfill the purpose He has for me in the time I am allotted.

To love Him completely is to show compassion and concern for His people. To help someone along the way that is lost and in need of guidance, provide comfort when needed or give them hope that they can live a better life when they turn it over to Jesus.  To teach my children to fear Him and give Him glory with their lives.

I love Him because He first loved me and gave me an opportunity to be able to be with Him forever! How can I not love Him back and tell others what He has done for me? I, too, am a product of grace that is simply amazing!! My life is full of example after example of how that love has kept me over the years.

I don’t understand all the philosophical or mystical meanings behind death. All I know is that I don’t like it and don’t want anyone I hold dear to leave me. I sympathize with anyone who loses a loved one because I know the pain. So today, I can relate to the pain Whitney’s family and friends feel.

I also know that millions watched what happens when the people of God come together and do what we do – praise God despite the loss, give God glory even though our hearts are broken, worship when we cry! Glory to God!! I don’t know exactly why she had to go at the age of 48, but I know that my God got the glory as we celebrated her life!

I praise Him today for the hope we have in Jesus that our lost loved ones are resting in His arms and we will see them again!

I found this video on YouTube of one of my favorite songs of all time. The words are are on this blog site because it tells what is in my heart.


http://youtu.be/3WbZIjG_3sE  – SING YOLANDA!!!  YES!!!!


Author: Victoria E. Henderson Poole

Psalms 23 tells us that as we are led beside the still waters, our souls are refreshed. My prayer is that the words shared here will help to lead you to that place where you can find peace. Only in Christ Jesus is there fullness of joy!

3 thoughts on “I Love The Lord (for Whitney and for me!)”

  1. Vic,
    When I heard that Whitney had passed, the first person that came to mind was you. You have loved her music over the years. I laughted because when you answered the phone all I could hear were the tears. But after days of hearing her music being played, it was one night on the way to WALMART, that it hit me, she is really gone. Whitney Houston is gone and will no longer be there for her daughter, mother or the world that loved her. My daughter held my hand and told me it was going to be okay but I couldn’t get it together. BobbiKristian will have to be alone on her wedding day, or giving birth to a child, yes her other family will be there but it’s nothing like your mother. I got upset that with all the negavtive things being said,the bible say, ” Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”, Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone, people need to make sure their house is in order before you talk,write, repeat or show a negavtive tape of someone else.
    What happen to loving your neighbor like God loves you? Thanks Vic. Whitney rest until we meet again!!!


    1. I was devastated but have to remember that God knows best. I think of all the people who watched and I know some soul was saved and so in this I have to continue praising God!!!! He does all things well!!

      Love you!


  2. The death of Whitney was indeed sad. I feel she had sooo much more to share with us, becasue of the very gift God gave specifially to her. There will NEVER be another Whitney her sound resignated grace and favor that only God creates. I did watch the whole service and it was so moving and uplifting. I cried and laughed and rejoiced in the Awe and beauty of God and his grace. It reminded me of how precious and fragile life is, that “THINGS” have no precedance over the GREATENESS of LIFE. God is good all the time and we need to believe in it, even when the world/people reflect otherwise. I am learning to not let “Human Demand” direct me in what i NEED to do, I WANT to let GOD lead ME to what i HAVE to do.

    Keep us all in prayers as we need to hear from him everyday. As the battle is not yours its the LORDS’s….


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