A Love Check

John 15:12 – KJV  This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you.

About two weeks ago, I came face to face with something in myself that I had to deal with and rather quickly! I was attending the last performance of the play that my children participated in for the drama camp they work hard in each summer. I was not feeling the greatest and also had a paper due that I was trying to write while watching the play.

I climbed up about 5-6 levels of the bleachers in the gym and set up shop. I was ready! Laptop out, cell phone plugged in re-charging and ready to take pictures of my kids and text. I picked the spot that I thought no one else would attempt to come to. No one would bother me on my perch. It was a very intentional, strategic move on my part to be able to view the play, do my work, and just be left alone for a few moments.

Well, that dream was shattered when all of a sudden, I saw about six people come through the door and turn in my direction. I just knew this Hispanic family, with about three small kids, would not descend upon MY space! Yes – they came my way and was as noisy as I thought they would be! Up the steps they came banging and bouncing. The littlest one plopped down closest to me. The children began to hop up and down and change seats constantly and I was sincerely angry.

I have to admit to you that I was just too through! How dare they invade my precious space? How could they even dare to come near me with their loud, nasty selves? Uh Oh!! I went so far as to give that little girl such a look of disgust that it shocked even me! The mom saw my look and when I saw her face change, the Holy Spirit began to work on me. My heart immediately was filled with remorse about how I had behaved!

I, at once, asked God to forgive me! How could I, with my sanctified, saved self,  have the audacity to treat God’s people that way? How could I allow the predjudices that we seem to inhale cause me to look down on someone else due to their ethnicity at first glance? I felt so bad and deeply ashamed of myself that I could not do my paper anymore. After I prayed and asked for forgiveness, I asked God to help me to never do that again.

I may have missed the opportunity to show this family the love of God and what He has done for me by shunning them. I was not operating under the banner of love that shows me grace morning by morning. I must, we must, be ever careful of how we treat others. Our pre-conceived notions about other races, people, and even nations will hold us back from truly spreading the good news about our Lord and Savior.

Truly I had a love check-up that night and I found myself in need of medicine that only the Love Doctor Himself could give me. I needed more grace and mercy to extend the same compassion to others that was shown to me. This experience taught me that I must dwell in the presence of Jesus every hour of the day to stay on point and walk in my purpose of leading others to the foot of the cross.

I pray that we all never miss an opportunity again to be all we should be in God in order to show the people we come in contact with that to the utmost Jesus still saves!

Loving Victoriously Day by Day Hour by Hour, Minute by Minute!

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