I Give You Jesus

1 Timothy 1:15 – King James Version  This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Yes, I am still here and yes, God still says write and so I must answer the call. Thank you all for hanging in there with me as I transitioned. A lot has gone on but to God be the glory! I am still standing and will share as God directs. Whew! A new year, a new opportunity to share the good news that Jesus still saves!

I have a confession! I am an addict! My name is Victoria and I am addicted to Facebook! (smile) I love the games, yes, but can do without them. What attracts me is that I am connected to so many people – from childhood, jobs that I left or left me, my church family. The one connection that soothes my soul the most is the connections I share with my natural family. We are spread over this United States and Facebook lets me shout out to them all at once. Nothing beats a call but Facebook lets me keep up with everybody and check on them. I know a lot of people see foolishness and mess there, but I decided a long time ago to use my page to uplift people with encouraging messages just as I do on my blog. So my page will have sermons and songs and testimonies and it feels so good to share these things.

I have been connected to family members I had only heard names of. This is so exciting! To be able to talk to a person who may not have known me growing up but we can check on each other, support each other, and most of all pray for each other.

Recently, I was reunited with a cousin (HEY ELI!!) that I had not talked to in maybe 20 years. He and his siblings were here in North Carolina for a short time, then went back to NY and we lost touch. I was so pleased to get that Facebook request and see that it was from him. We have laughed and talked like old friends and I am super proud of the man he has become.

He said something to me the other day that has made me take a pause. He said that “its time for me to really turn my life over I want that joy u have”! I just sat back in my chair when I read that and said whoa! Does it really show that much this joy I have!? Thank you Lord! I told him that the joy I have and peace too is only because I decided to stop trying to do stuff on my own. Every time I do that I make a mess but I now let God have His perfect way and it always works for my good.

All I can tell anybody is that the one lesson I have learned as I enter my 50th year is that Jesus is the Center of it all!! This year it is all about Him! If I never hear another sermon, I know enough of what He has done for me, where He has brought me from to preach my ownself happy! This year it has to be about what He wills for me because I do not have time for games.

My motto is that you will hear from me what God has to say, so if you don’t want to hear it, don’t call me! Seriously and for real! I have no more time to play or waste time. I have my children’s and my own salvation riding on me and I cannot make costly mistakes that set me back. It is all about Him – withholding nothing!

I was truly humbled by Eli’s impressions of me and seek to walk worthy of my calling and purpose. It is no joke to know that people see Jesus in you! So as I remind myself to continually seek God’s will in every area of my life, I encourage you to do the same! For me, there is no turning back. And yes, I have joy, yes I have peace! There is nothing that can take it away cause my testimony says the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away! Praise God! No matter what may come my way, my life is in His capable Hands!

Let’s do this together in 2014 – loving each other so much there is no room for sorrow, backbiting and confusion. I simply give you all my heart and all I have that makes sense out of this world.


Still in His Service,


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