Hit The Button


James 2:26 – King James Version

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

I am convinced that God has a sense of humor and likes to show me that even though I am a pretty smart cookie, I can still learn the lessons He wants me to from life’s simplest things. My latest lesson came while I was riding the elevator up to my floor at work on yesterday.

I struggled into the building from my car with all my bags. I slowed stepped in to the elevator and it opened for me to go up. I walked in and stood there. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Well surely it was gonna move at any minute now. Surely, fairly soon I would be on the third floor and be able to walk into my office and get this heavy computer bag off my shoulders.  I happened to look at the elevator buttons and lo and behold – I did not hit the number for my floor!  I was going nowhere fast but standing there waiting to go and I had not hit the button! I hit it and wa la!!  I was on my way up!!!

In that short ride, I heard plain as day – that’s how life is for some and even for you. We stand and wait for opportunities to come for a better way of life and yet, do nothing to assist ourselves in making those moments be beneficial and meaningful in real tangible ways.  I heard in that instant the scripture above – FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD! Wow, Lord, just like that??  Just like that….hit the button on your faith….move out of your comfort zone….start working towards what you want…..do not wait for anyone to give it to you, seek the answers to your questions, and step out on faith….move towards your destiny…do something you have never done before…and watch what happens!!!!

The most visible example of this in my life right now is my friend Leah. She has set the goal for herself to rent no more. She desires to own a home.  She has gone on a tour of a property she had her eye on. She has met with the realtor and been given guidance. She has comprised a plan of action on how she will save. She has started a part time job to start to get a handle on current bills and establish a savings. She is getting information on how to establish good credit and is working on improving her credit score. And to top it all off, she visits that property – does a drive by to keep the vision ever before her! Do you know what she has done??  SHE HAS HIT THE BUTTON. She has activated her faith that says I can own my dream home. I can do all things through Christ! I see what I want and am willing to work hard to get it. I have seen my future and it is a good one.

Guess what? We can do that too!!  HIT THE BUTTON!! If you want to further your career through education, start contacting schools to see what they have to offer. Want to start a business, write a business plan and do your marketing research. Don’t know what I just said, go to the library and find a book on it. Want to be healthier, leave the fried foods alone and drink more water! Need to get out of a bad relationship, leave it!! You get the point – the possibilities are endless!

As we move through the final days of this year, do not make any more false resolutions that you will not keep. This will leave you frustrated and still in the same place. Instead, decide right now that your dreams are not over. They are not over because you are still here to dream them. Still here to do them. Still here to achieve the greatness that lies inside of YOU! It’s simple – hit the button of faith and know that He who began a good work in you will complete it to the end!

Hitting My Button NOW –  Not Waiting Until 2015,


Grace – In His Eyes!

Genesis 6:8But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Lately, the injustices that are happening in this world are bombarding us like never before. We can’t help but be aware of the latest senseless killings, hate crimes, racial tensions, children missing, accidents, and the list goes on and on. In our own lives, there is work, school, children, sickness, responsibilities, and that list goes on too.

If you are like me, you want to question, why Lord? Why is all this happening and when will it stop! I am so tired of it all and I want to just lay down somewhere and wish it away. My head is screaming – peace, peace, please! Stop!!

I don’t want to go to work. I want to keep my children home and lock the door. If I can see them, I know they are safe. I can shelter them from all harm and turn the TV off when the news comes on so my 9 year old won’t stand there and say that that cop was wrong to choke that man to death. How could that happen mama?  In that moment, all I could say was, baby – let me say this – all cops are not bad, so don’t think that. All people are not full of hate, no there is still some love in the world, still some mutual respect, still some people who know how to call on the Name of the Lord and bless His Name!

I thought of what God must have felt in the days of Noah. Surely, He looks down on us today and is grieved that He created us. Surely He hurts over every death and hurt and pain we suffer.  I thought of my hero, Mr. Noah. Built that boat and preached that a storm was coming even when he appeared crazy. God looked down on this earth and in the midst of all that turmoil, Noah stood tall in faith that God could and would turn it around! God saw Noah and loved him into a new life!

Noah held firm that it won’t always be like this and when God looked at Noah, there was love and saving grace in His eyes for him. Grace not only for him but for his family too – those he was connected to. Grace to ensure that he would live beyond that moment, beyond what he could see, beyond the chaos that was happening then to a day when he and his people could begin again. Glory to God!!

Among all the chaos and confusion, can there be grace for me? Am I living in such a way that when God looks down I can have grace in His eyes? Am I doing all I can to ensure that the people I come in contact know that despite what they see, there is a living God who cares? Am I showing His love to all I am connected to so they can have the hope that lies within me?

I believe, like Noah, that there has to be more than this. I believe all things are happening for a purpose. I will not give up on humanity, or cease to see the beauty of a newborn baby. I will not give in to the sadness that threatens to engulf me when I see others hurting.

I will hold firm in my faith that God is still on the throne and He can and will turn not only my situations and issues around, but yours, and this world’s too!  I believe we can begin again each day to spread His love and the good news that He is coming again.

I pray that when He looks at me, I find grace there! I pray the same for you!

Striving to Live Victoriously!