Blessings On Top of Blessings

We are officially in the holiday season! Yeah!!  I see the trees and decorations, parades, long lines at the grocery store, and I am cold, so yep, it’s here!  I also see on Facebook a lot of posts about people passing and it struck me that so many do not enjoy the holidays at all as they remember all the past holidays and loved ones who are gone.

If you are a little sad, like me, I want to wish you a holiday season that will be blessed beyond measure this year. I pray someone blesses you so good that you will not have a choice but to smile from your heart and not just your face.

I pray that God’s peace, so much higher than ours, will hover over your house and give you a rest like you have not had all year.

I also pray that you will take steps to take care of yourself more than ever. Some people do not understand that profound sadness that can creep in even when we are among a crowd of people. So do something nice for yourself and know you are so very worth it.

If no one does anything for you, I challenge you to step outside yourself and do something nice for someone else. There is someone that God will use you to bless that only YOU can reach. Take time to listen to His direction and be used by Him during this holiday.

I pray blessings on top of blessing for you, and your family. Remember to count each one and don’t sweat the small stuff!

You are loved!!!

Living Victoriously Through the Holidays and Beyond!