Called To Be Aware

Hebrews 13:2 – KJV  – Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
I checked in last week to an appointment to meet with my new nutritionist. The location and office was new to me as well and I did not know what to expect. I am a person who is mindful of first impressions so I wondered what my experience would be. I was not impressed at all. The office was not as bright and decorative as others I have visited and seemed a little dark in some aspects. The other patients were interesting too. I saw people with oxygen tanks, in wheelchairs, and some were talking loud to each other and on their cell phones.
It was a bit overwhelming for me with all the noise but what troubled me the most was the less than welcoming attitude of the people checking in the patients. Everyone who waited had to stand behind a sign. The receptionists would yell “NEXT PATIENT IN LINE PLEASE” and one would go up further. When it was my turn, I walked up to the desk, and said brightly, “Good Morning, how are you today?”  The lady looked at me and said good morning but I could tell it was not from her heart. She looked hot and frazzled. I asked her how her day had been thus far and when she looked at me again, I could tell she finally saw me, Victoria, and not just the next patient in line. I asked her again about her day and if she had a fan she could use. She brightened a little bit to know someone cared about her in the midst of the chaos around us.
I saw immediately that she had pretty much adapted to her environment and had begun to treat people as if they were a number. I get it totally! She is constantly surrounded by people who are perceived as poor, sick, mentally challenged, and at times, simply annoying. I truly understand her pain! I could very well understand why she seemed to have checked out of making any real connections with people. In those moments, I was soberly reminded me of a place I have to work hard not to be in.
I have to remind myself and challenge us all to never forget the “people” factor in our walk with the Lord. I constantly talk to people on my job who have complaints and there are days that my patience is very short. I have to make myself remember that each person deserves for me to show them the Light of God in me as I work to resolve their issues. I cannot treat them as if they are just a number. I cannot ever minimize the impact my treatment of them will have on their lives. I want those I come in contact with to remember that their experience with me is positive and helpful, regardless of the issues they face.
We are called to be aware that our service needs to be unto the Lord, not man. After all, we may be serving angels who have come to see if there is really any Light in us at all!!
Serving Victoriously!

Author: Victoria E. Henderson Poole

Psalms 23 tells us that as we are led beside the still waters, our souls are refreshed. My prayer is that the words shared here will help to lead you to that place where you can find peace. Only in Christ Jesus is there fullness of joy!

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