The Measure of a Friendship

1 Samuel 18:1 (KJV) And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

For Sharon Lynn Wilson Smith – I’ll See You Again!

The afternoon of September 6 changed my life once again. I received news that one of my dearest, closest friends, Sharon, has suddenly passed away the night before. It was a shock to us all, it still is. She had attended my surprise birthday party less than a month ago and I was able to talk with her, hear her laugh, and most precious to me - I got to tell her that I loved her and she told me that too! 

I am still not ok, but I am worshipping and praising my way through because I know God is the Burden Bearer and although I may not understand, I believe He is still in control. I was asked to say a few words at Sharon's memorial service. The following is what came to me as I recalled so many memories of my friend and sister. I could not tell it all but I hope I made her proud.

"For those of you who are not on Facebook, there is a feature where you can see the interactions you have with a person. You go to their page and you can click on “See Friendship”.  The night I heard about the passing of my sister, I went home and clicked on this feature. I could see every interaction I have had with Sharon since we both joined Facebook.  Over ten years of shared jokes, checking in on you posts, pictures of family events, birthday wishes, and a lot of “I love yous”. But Facebook could never tell me exactly what my sister and friend meant to me, what we meant to each other.

Facebook doesn’t know about the times she called me to say, girl you were on my mind, what’s good?  The hours we would spend either on the phone talking, laughing over the craziest things, praying and worshipping, and even crying at times. When she held me as I cried over a relationship hurt. We’d just seen Waiting to Exhale in the movie theater – now how long ago was that???  And certainly, it couldn’t tell me the time she called me and said Vickie, get over here, I know you need some clothes for the girls, there is a good sale going on and I can get it with my discount! I hurried up on over to the store and my girls were cute going back to school – thanks to their Aunt Sharon. She loved my babies as her own as I love hers.

No one could know how many times we talked about the hopes we had for our babies and how very proud she truly was of each of her children, then the grandbabies -  right or wrong, your mama loved you with everything she had and would tell you about yourself whether you liked it or not.

No, Facebook didn’t know that she was my wedding coordinator and on my wedding day, I told her I would help do anything for her when she got married because she and my girl Beghetta made sure it was what I wanted. I told her that day that I would one day dance at her wedding and she laughed and said girl no uh uh not me.  She would laugh every time I said it - until she met Darion and when I called her Stella! O how she laughed even more !  I printed the wedding invites and she loved them. She got on my nerves just a little cause she kept coming back to print out just a few more – but I really didn’t mind! They were for my Diva! We were there for each other! In good times and bad!

The wedding day – Oh how beautiful she looked. I had not seen her look more beautiful with the look of love on her face in that gorgeous dress. I got mad because the photographer was not upstairs taking her as she got dressed and I took a pic of her sitting on the bed which I posted earlier today.  What a day that I will always remember!

The last interaction of Facebook we had was under a post I did one day last week about singing the words to “I decided to make Jesus my choice”.  She posted “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold”.  What a testament! My girl lived her life out loud! She wore what she wanted, tried new hair dos and loved to eat! If she loved you, she loved you, simple as that! And she let you know it.  But her last words to me at my birthday party was how very proud of me she was and she loved me.  Diva! I love you too and even though she knew I loved her, I am sorry I didn’t tell her more often.  That is the lesson for us.  Hold on to each other, show that you love by actions and not words. Live out loud like she did!  How do you truly measure friendship? It all begins and ends with love. That is how I will honor my friend and sister until we see her again!"

Live out loud, my friends. Live on purpose. Live victoriously!
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