Talking Too Much

Ephesians 4:29 – Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. (NIV)

When I was in Elementary school, I was pretty smart. Not bragging but I regularly brought home As and Bs. Except for that D in Art that Mr. Simon thought I deserved since my project did not meet his standards. Mr. Simon did not appreciate my stick figures but I digress. That is a story for another day! (smile)

I remember vividly that written on many report cards and spoken in person at the parent conferences were the words “talk too much”. My teachers would say that Victoria was very smart, respectful, and did her work – she just talks too much! My parents would ask me to be quiet and I believe I tried. But when I was finished my work, I would talk to my friends and that got me into trouble. No matter the punishment, talking too much followed me all the years I was at R.T. Hudson Elementary School in Bronx, NY. I just couldn’t help it!

I calmed down some in high school as I didn’t want to be singled out so much in that new environment. Talking was still a good pastime though and I do remember being asked to move seats away from my beloved friends. Talking was just my thing!

It still is and I now am grateful for this gift of gab. Since November of last year, I have been co-hosting a radio broadcast with two other authors called Authors Up. We are authors who provide a place for other authors to share their stories while giving encouragement and writing tips along the way. I never in my wildest dreams saw myself hosting a radio show and talking as much as I do. When one of the co-hosts, Andrea Hines, approached me with the idea, I had a “who me” moment. Was she really serious about me being able to do something like that?

I said yes and we came together with Ruth Griffin and created this wonderful space where we get to talk, laugh, share, and just be joyful for about 45 minutes each week. I thoroughly enjoy getting to read new books and learn about the authors behind the stories. We completed an interview tonight with our first blogger that will air this Sunday at 7 pm.

I personally invite you to tune in to Authors Up each week. It would mean a lot to me to join in as we laugh and yes, talk! Life is so much better as we do it together. I am grateful tonight for my voice. Even when I didn’t know it, God was preparing me to use it for His purpose. I am mighty glad!  Make sure you are using every gift, no matter what it is!

Listen to Authors Up on the Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network (SIBN) through the ALH Corporate Studios. Follow us on Facebook to join our watch party and share your thoughts. If you would like to be a guest on the show or know anyone who should, please send us an email at

Until Next Time I am,

Talking Victoriously!!

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