Be Like Jesus

John 6:15 (KJV) When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone.

My Bishop, Ronald Godbee, has been walking us through John 6 about the life of Jesus. We have looked at how Jesus handled things and the examples He left for us to follow in our walk with Him.

Yesterday morning, as I was reading the passage above, I was amazed at how Jesus reacted when the people were planning and scheming to make Him a king in their land. They were the recipients of that scrumptious fish and delightful bread. I am sure they thought, “If we eat like this out here, this Man will make sure we want for nothing in this kingdom”.

However, Jesus knew that this was not the time for Him to be king. He did not come to be King over this one kingdom. So, Jesus quietly left. No fan fare. No dramatic exits. He did what He had to do and He kept it moving. He did not want the people to make over Him or draw more attention to Him. He did His work and moved on – quietly!

What an example for us to follow! We do what we have to do to shine the light on God, not ourselves. We love unselfishly and take care of God’s people. We do it not for attention or accolades. We do it because we love God and follow the example of Jesus. Be like Jesus, today and always! He sees you and will reward you in ways you can’t even imagine as you move not seeking attention. Just be like Jesus.

Lord, help us to be like You today. Moving quietly while we bless Your people along the way. What an honor it is to serve You! Amen

Keep Living Life Victoriously!!

PS>>> Here is a link to my church is you want to hear the sermons for yourself. All are welcome!

Talking Too Much

Ephesians 4:29 – Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. (NIV)

When I was in Elementary school, I was pretty smart. Not bragging but I regularly brought home As and Bs. Except for that D in Art that Mr. Simon thought I deserved since my project did not meet his standards. Mr. Simon did not appreciate my stick figures but I digress. That is a story for another day! (smile)

I remember vividly that written on many report cards and spoken in person at the parent conferences were the words “talk too much”. My teachers would say that Victoria was very smart, respectful, and did her work – she just talks too much! My parents would ask me to be quiet and I believe I tried. But when I was finished my work, I would talk to my friends and that got me into trouble. No matter the punishment, talking too much followed me all the years I was at R.T. Hudson Elementary School in Bronx, NY. I just couldn’t help it!

I calmed down some in high school as I didn’t want to be singled out so much in that new environment. Talking was still a good pastime though and I do remember being asked to move seats away from my beloved friends. Talking was just my thing!

It still is and I now am grateful for this gift of gab. Since November of last year, I have been co-hosting a radio broadcast with two other authors called Authors Up. We are authors who provide a place for other authors to share their stories while giving encouragement and writing tips along the way. I never in my wildest dreams saw myself hosting a radio show and talking as much as I do. When one of the co-hosts, Andrea Hines, approached me with the idea, I had a “who me” moment. Was she really serious about me being able to do something like that?

I said yes and we came together with Ruth Griffin and created this wonderful space where we get to talk, laugh, share, and just be joyful for about 45 minutes each week. I thoroughly enjoy getting to read new books and learn about the authors behind the stories. We completed an interview tonight with our first blogger that will air this Sunday at 7 pm.

I personally invite you to tune in to Authors Up each week. It would mean a lot to me to join in as we laugh and yes, talk! Life is so much better as we do it together. I am grateful tonight for my voice. Even when I didn’t know it, God was preparing me to use it for His purpose. I am mighty glad!  Make sure you are using every gift, no matter what it is!

Listen to Authors Up on the Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network (SIBN) through the ALH Corporate Studios. Follow us on Facebook to join our watch party and share your thoughts. If you would like to be a guest on the show or know anyone who should, please send us an email at

Until Next Time I am,

Talking Victoriously!!

I Still Hope

Hebrews 10: 23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. 24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works (NKJV)

This past week has been tough. I, too, watched in horror as George Floyd begged for help. I wanted to reach in the tv and push that cop off his neck. I actually could not watch the entire video for the hurt and anger that rose up in me. It felt as if someone was on my chest. My acid reflux started to act up and the tears just rolled. George even called out for mother.

In that instant, I was transported back about a week and a half ago. My middle daughter had left our house riding with her Hispanic boyfriend and ten minutes later I saw her number come across my phone. It was after 11 and I answered to hear her crying, Mommy, Mommy! We just got stopped by the police! My heart dropped into my stomach and I forced myself to talk to her in a voice calmer than my emotions were in reality. I told her to stop crying, breathe, and keep her hands where they could see her. I told her to answer their questions calmly, put me on speaker, and not to make any sudden moves. The main cop allowed her to keep me on until my husband arrived when he saw how young the two were. The tags on the car were expired which is why he stopped them. Both of them were afraid that it was white cops stopping them because they were brown.

When she got back to the house, my daughter could not stop crying. She was visibly shaken and admitted that she was afraid she was not going to come home. I held her and cried too. I did my best to assure her she was safe knowing I didn’t feel that way in my heart.

And then we saw the murder of George Floyd. She has been the most vocal about her feelings since she just experienced firsthand the fear of the cops. She saw cops as being there to help her for the most part. Now she does not. My baby now wonders if she will ever have children because she does not want to bring children into a world that will hate them because they are black.

I have experienced anxiety this past week and overwhelming fear and sadness for all black people. I have had two nights of waking up crying from a nightmare. Yes, I am affected profoundly by these events and can’t hide it. I have spent time in prayer and worship because through it all, I have hope.

I do not have hope that racism will be erased but that the intangible tenacity of people with the will to survive, who have been oppressed, will remain and stand tall through this season. I have hope that God will give us new ideas on how to combat this struggle. I feel that as we use our economic power to support each other on the upcoming blackout day, new businesses will emerge that will provide various streams of income. I hope that we can learn more about stocks and will build wealth and legacies for our children that our parents never dreamed of.

I resolve to be mindful of my own implicit biases and not pass them on to my children or impose them on people who are different from me. I want to find the courage in me to go talk to the neighbors on my street to just introduce myself and let them know I am down the street if they need any help, regardless of their race. I don’t want this latest act of cruelty to go by and have my senses lulled back into a space where I do nothing ever again. I must use my voice to challenge us all to be better people.

I have not lost hope that God is still in control and He sees what His creation is doing. I believe He has a plan for my life and I must walk tall in my calling and purpose. I must brighten the corner where I am to show others that God is real! I must show unconditional love and forgiveness. It may not be my way to loot and riot but I understand the frustration of the people. I will pray for the safety of everyone as they protest. I pray my children will stay safe as they live their lives. I pray America wakes up and no one else will lay dying, not able to breathe by the the hands of those sworn to protect.

I hope we tell our stories to our children, nieces, and nephews of what we have seen and endured so they will understand us better as they see us pressing forward. Because we must press forward. Sad, angry, and frustrated – yes. But pressing forward. In as much peace as possible and in purpose. I still hope……..



Hope Against Hope

Psalm 43:5 –  Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God. KJV

Hello My Friends!,

I don’t know about any of you, but this time of year finds me a bit challenged to stay encouraged. We are coming to the end of another year, and as Christmas approached, people at work, at church, in the stores, etc. are all excited and cheery. People are having parties and giving gifts, and I am a bit sad.

I lost another friend this September and the anniversary of a few others who passed are during this time as well.  The time changed too and it gets darker earlier and stays dark longer. I find I am affected by the seasonal change as well and I just want to stay home in my recliner.

I cannot do that because I have a family, a job, and a radio show to co-host too. So I push. I smile. I make sure I look much better than I feel each day and the world would never know I am struggling some. It is during these times that I remind myself of Psalm 23. I must hope in my God, even when it seems all hope is gone.

I know that God is is my ever present help and I am leaning on Him so much during these days when am tired of being tired. Every morning I listen to worship music to start my day. In worship I get renewed strength as I get out of my feelings and concentrate on giving God glory for just waking me up.  I thank God for being able to have hope.

Hope – the thing inside that makes me yearn for the better that is to come. Hope – the extension of my faith that doesn’t look at what is happening now but sees that the day is coming when the clouds will be lifted in my spirit.  Hope – the joy I have in knowing I will see my loved ones again. Hope – it lets me shed these tears and it eases my soul!

The more I write the more hopeful I am. The more encouraged I am. Here we are at the threshold of a new decade, and as I look back, all I can do is worship and praise God for being a Keeper, a Healer, a Sustainer, and a Comforter! He has brought me to this place and I am so very grateful. Despite all that has happened, I am at peace today. Because I know without a doubt that whatever life brings my way, my hope is certainly built on Jesus.

I have a renewed passion to spend more time learning what His will is for me, then living it! I have begun to journal a bit and those quiet moments have helped immensely! I am actually smiling as I type and am just – hopeful! Thank You God for giving me hope against hope once again!!

My hope for us all is that in 2020 we will see clearly the vision God has for our lives and then execute it fully and completely!! When you can listen to one of my favorite songs. You will understand why when you do.

Wilmington Chester Mass Choir – Stand Still (Until His Will is Clear)

Welcome to the next and best decade!!

Living Victoriously in 2020!!


© 2019 Victoria E. Henderson Poole

The Measure of a Friendship

1 Samuel 18:1 (KJV) And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

For Sharon Lynn Wilson Smith – I’ll See You Again!

The afternoon of September 6 changed my life once again. I received news that one of my dearest, closest friends, Sharon, has suddenly passed away the night before. It was a shock to us all, it still is. She had attended my surprise birthday party less than a month ago and I was able to talk with her, hear her laugh, and most precious to me - I got to tell her that I loved her and she told me that too! 

I am still not ok, but I am worshipping and praising my way through because I know God is the Burden Bearer and although I may not understand, I believe He is still in control. I was asked to say a few words at Sharon's memorial service. The following is what came to me as I recalled so many memories of my friend and sister. I could not tell it all but I hope I made her proud.

"For those of you who are not on Facebook, there is a feature where you can see the interactions you have with a person. You go to their page and you can click on “See Friendship”.  The night I heard about the passing of my sister, I went home and clicked on this feature. I could see every interaction I have had with Sharon since we both joined Facebook.  Over ten years of shared jokes, checking in on you posts, pictures of family events, birthday wishes, and a lot of “I love yous”. But Facebook could never tell me exactly what my sister and friend meant to me, what we meant to each other.

Facebook doesn’t know about the times she called me to say, girl you were on my mind, what’s good?  The hours we would spend either on the phone talking, laughing over the craziest things, praying and worshipping, and even crying at times. When she held me as I cried over a relationship hurt. We’d just seen Waiting to Exhale in the movie theater – now how long ago was that???  And certainly, it couldn’t tell me the time she called me and said Vickie, get over here, I know you need some clothes for the girls, there is a good sale going on and I can get it with my discount! I hurried up on over to the store and my girls were cute going back to school – thanks to their Aunt Sharon. She loved my babies as her own as I love hers.

No one could know how many times we talked about the hopes we had for our babies and how very proud she truly was of each of her children, then the grandbabies -  right or wrong, your mama loved you with everything she had and would tell you about yourself whether you liked it or not.

No, Facebook didn’t know that she was my wedding coordinator and on my wedding day, I told her I would help do anything for her when she got married because she and my girl Beghetta made sure it was what I wanted. I told her that day that I would one day dance at her wedding and she laughed and said girl no uh uh not me.  She would laugh every time I said it - until she met Darion and when I called her Stella! O how she laughed even more !  I printed the wedding invites and she loved them. She got on my nerves just a little cause she kept coming back to print out just a few more – but I really didn’t mind! They were for my Diva! We were there for each other! In good times and bad!

The wedding day – Oh how beautiful she looked. I had not seen her look more beautiful with the look of love on her face in that gorgeous dress. I got mad because the photographer was not upstairs taking her as she got dressed and I took a pic of her sitting on the bed which I posted earlier today.  What a day that I will always remember!

The last interaction of Facebook we had was under a post I did one day last week about singing the words to “I decided to make Jesus my choice”.  She posted “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold”.  What a testament! My girl lived her life out loud! She wore what she wanted, tried new hair dos and loved to eat! If she loved you, she loved you, simple as that! And she let you know it.  But her last words to me at my birthday party was how very proud of me she was and she loved me.  Diva! I love you too and even though she knew I loved her, I am sorry I didn’t tell her more often.  That is the lesson for us.  Hold on to each other, show that you love by actions and not words. Live out loud like she did!  How do you truly measure friendship? It all begins and ends with love. That is how I will honor my friend and sister until we see her again!"

Live out loud, my friends. Live on purpose. Live victoriously!